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Mon Apr 21 19:19:12 CDT 2008

Thanks to the timely and accurate posting of Mike Cary, I was able to  refind 
the bohemian waxwings near 21st ave east and superior street in  Duluth.  The 
flock was huge, and tremendous fun to watch.  The  waxwings foraged on 
buckthorn, and mountain ash berries, as well as crabapples  on 1st street.  
Occasionally they would land on flat roofed houses and bath  and drink the left over 
water on the roof.  At one point, a portion of the  flock was sitting in a tree 
over my head and as I happily sat and listened to  their quivering, several 
birds dropped some apple poop on me.  How do I  know it was apple poop?  Well 
the stuff I cleaned out of my hair was  definately crabapple like:)  Next, it 
was on to Minnesota Point.   Fantastic birding there as well.  Saw Fox, 
American Tree, Song, and White  Throated Sparrows, a winter wren, conservative est. 
of 25 northern flickers, 5  yellow bellied sapsuckers, conservative est. of 15 
brown creepers, several sharp  shinned hawks, 2 kestrels, 1 merlin that killed 
a junco right in front of me, 1  sandhill crane fly by,
1 eastern phoebe, and a large flock of approx. 200 juncos.  The juncos  were 
great fun to watch, they gleaned seeds by the roadside and were quite tight  
as a flock of juncos goes.  With good reason, the raptors moving overhead  were 
coming in low and more than just the merlin took a swipe at the  juncos.  I 
could go on and on but needless to say this was the kind of day  that I live 
for as far as birding goes, awesome!  I posted three  photos in the mou gallery, 
check "recent" photos to see a small portion of the  bohemian waxwing flock 
in flight, one of the many juncos, and a yellowbellied  sapsucker that visited 
my backyard recently.  Good Birding and keep the  great posts coming, great 
spring vibes from all over the state.  Shawn  Zierman.

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