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Josh Watson the_kinglet_17 at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 25 12:21:12 CDT 2008

Hey there,
This is Josh, its been awhile since I've awhile being on here since I've made myself known in this state but here I am. Just thought I'd post a few interesting sightings for my part of the state, some like to think of it as the unknown, and others "oh yeah, he lives out there in the middle of no where, in the middle of no where!" Anyway, in the past week after a long endured winter the birds have finally decided to the leave everyone elses neck of the woods for how ever long they've been down by most yall, and come visit me and my lonely chickadees. While working at the Lutsen Ski Hill I observed my first hermit thrush of the year while robins in there new abundance sang in the distance among song sparrows and a chipping sparrow also. Junco's are also in considerable amounts at the moment and can be seen all over my yard. Just the other day I was walking on the back forty seeing what could be seen and I noticed, kingfishers, flickers, song sparrows,
 chipping sparrows, pileated woodpecker, yellow-bellied sapsucker, downy woodpecker, harry woodpecker, robins, and the years first yellow-rumped warblers for me. I also had fox sparrows singing there tunes in the yard and saw about half a dozen skulking in the shrubs. I had an interesting experience in the town the other day as well. I was riding in with my father before work and as I came out of Holiday with my donut and hot cup of coffee I observed what seemed like a small piece of brown trash parked in the middle of the sidewalk but as I came closer it materialized in to a shocked brown creeper that had decided to run into the window on his way in for a breakfrast borito and some cold coffee. Anway, I set my breakfast down and carefully re-located him out of rush hour on the streets and into a well hidden spruce tree to overcome his dizziness. Also around town, the gulls have thickened up in the harbor however, I have not had the time to scope them
 out. A pair of common loons have made residence inside the harbor breakwalls along with half a dozen lesser scaups, mallards, some buffleheads, common mergansers, and a pair of ring-necked ducks. The other day on my way out of Lutsen I paused at the sewage ponds in Lutsen and observed 7 beautiful full breeding wigeons. Killdeers and pheobes have also made themselves known up here and geese have become the most popular rock band playing high and low in the sky's when I get up in the morning and go out to get some fresh air. Anyway, I think that is about all I can say I've seen so far this spring so I'll leave you all with that and a good luck and happy birding to all. 
Josh Watson,
Cook County and Grand Marais

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