[mou] Unusual Grackle

john c.nelson nelsonjc at hickorytech.net
Sat Apr 26 09:40:26 CDT 2008

Brother-in-law east of Lura Lake-Blue earth Cty reported to me  
frefrequentquentfrequent visits from a Common Grackle with a white  
tail and some white on its head. Trying to get a picture. Yesterday  
while giving the dogs some outside time in the rain, heard a bird call  
other side of house, very loud, somewhat familiar, but I was  
concentrating on keeping track of our 4 month old Golden puppy.  
Finally I walked to the other side and watched a Pileated Woodpecker  
away. We are aware of PW in the river bottom adjoining our place, but  
have only seen near the house, twice in 30 some years. Should have  
known from the call.
Overnight snow, about an inch, be real pretty if it was February.
John Nelson
Near Beauford, MN

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