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I was radio tracking a Mallard that nested (unsuccessfully) in a tree one
time in Sask.  If I recall correctly it used an old crow nest.   I don't
believe it even had a chance to start incubation.

I believe it is more common for Canada Geese to nest in trees than Mallards,
but that is just my impression.

There was a paper published perhaps 15 years ago about Canada Geese nesting
above ground in one particular location.  If I remember right it they were
nesting on powerline towers somewhere out west -  perhaps Idaho.  I believe
it was in the Wilson Bulletin in perhaps 1993 or 94.

Brad Bolduan
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  I have a hen mallard on a nest very high in a willow tree in my yard.  Has
anyone observed this, what I would call odd, behavior?

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