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Mon Feb 25 15:18:46 CST 2008

Charlie  and I got back last night from a 9 day trip to Texas.  Most of the 
time was  spent around Corpus Christi (actually Rockport).  We spent one day on 
a  Birding Boat called the Wharf Cat and  had some close looks at  Whooping 
Cranes on our first day there. We spent one day and drove to Santa Ana  NWR, 
and one day on a King Ranch Birding tour.  The trip was a success for  targets, 
as well as some unexpected ones.  We found a Blue Bunting at Santa  Ana NWR 
which the center was very excited about.  Probably not as much as  me though.  
That's the first sighting they've had since January 2005.   We also observed a 
Hooked Billed Kite there.  The trip to the King Ranch  gave us the Masked 
Duck, Sprague's  Pipit and dozens  of Least Grebes.  Yes, dozen's!  groups of 5 
here, 2 there, 7 over  there...  They weren't our first Leasts, but to see so 
many was  unexpected. 
146  total species.  Charlie added 13 lifers, and I  added 8. 
A  great time as usual and always memorable to see different parts of the  
spring  is on the way...i think  
Chris  Elmgren 

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