[mou] Polk Co. Prairie Grouse and a Robin

emer0098 at umn.edu emer0098 at umn.edu
Tue Feb 26 10:36:28 CST 2008

     There was a lone American Robin in the Polk County countryside this 
past Sunday. Also, big winter flocks of prairie grouse abound. The 
sharp-tailed grouse are starting to lek and display and before long the 
prairie-chickens will be doing the same. Be sure to remember to pencil in a 
trip to the northWEST this year too and see the festival of love put on by 
our prairie jewels.

     Snow Buntings and Common Redpolls are in large flocks. Horned larks 
are beginning to join the ranks and I would anticipate seeing longspurs 
soon as well.

Nate Emery
Grand Forks, ND

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