[mou] Townsend Solitaire-Beltrami County (updated directions)

Johnson, Douglas dougjohn at LSNMLaw.org
Wed Jan 2 09:11:57 CST 2008

The Townsend's Solitaire found on the Bemidji CBC was still present on
the first of January 2008 in front of 313 Rako St. SW in Bemidji on the
south side of Bemidji.  The street signage in that part of town is
confusing as the next door condominium is 913 Clausen Ave. SW even
though the entrance is off Rako St. SW; and Clausen Ave. SW is not
marked at that intersection.  The bird was feeding in the crabapples in
front of the two condos on Rako St. just west of the Clausen Ave.
intersection.   .  


Doug Johnson

Bemidji, MN 

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