[mou] Additional 2008 MOU trips - sign up open

Pastor Al Schirmacher pastoral at princetonfreechurch.net
Wed Jan 2 15:27:02 CST 2008

I anticipate leading the following three MOU trips this year:

* Sherburne Wildlife Refuge, Saturday May 17th, 7:00-12:00 with optional 
afternoon trip.

- Emphasis on warblers and passerine migrants, resident grassland birds and 
remaining shorebirds.  Two of the three previous trips have broken 100 
species for the day.  Weather permitting, we will hike two trails and drive 
the Auto Tour in the morning; then cover lesser known areas in the 
afternoon, if desired.  Trip is open to 20-25 participants.

* Aitkin County Trip, Saturday June 21st, 7:30-12:00 with optional afternoon 

- Emphasis on nesting warblers (including Connecticut), flycatchers 
(Yellow-bellied?), woodpeckers, vireos, wrens, thrushes and sparrows.  Who 
knows, we might even bump into a summering boreal specialty.  Depending upon 
reports, we anticipate covering Highways 18, 5 and 1 - Rice Lake Refuge - 
Palisade and Tamarack - and other areas of interest (with the Risens' new 
guide, the sky is the limit).  Trip is open to 20-25 participants.

* Mille Lacs County Trip, October 25th, 7:30-12:00.

- Loons, grebes and early winter migrants (last year two Boreal Chickadees 
were sighted by our youngest participant, and shared by all) are the 
highlights here.  We will spend the majority of our time on Mille Lacs Lake, 
but also will cover Kathio and Hennepin State Parks.  State sticker (or day 
sticker) required.  Trip is open to 20-25 participants.

Trips are first come, first serve - sign up early.  All trips are free, 
although we do tend to patronize local restaurants & merchants for lunch & 

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Al Schirmacher
Princeton, MN
Mille Lacs & Sherburne Counties 

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