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Interesting....is it coincidence or is there some other reason that there are so many gulls on the list?  I can think of several possible theories, but is is common for certain categories of birds to go undocumented?  Shawn Conradhttp://users.2z.net/itasca_chippewa_birding/ 

From: psvingen at d.umn.eduTo: mou-net at moumn.orgDate: Wed, 2 Jan 2008 18:49:43 -0600Subject: [mou] request for documentation of rarities, Fall 2007
Now that 2007 is behind us, this would be a good time to remind observers of Fall 2007 reports of unusual species which still need to be documented. Many of these were entered online at the MOU website or posted on the mou-net listserve. While birders are certainly free to include anything they wish on their personal and unpublished lists, sightings of Accidental, Casual and rare-Regular species can only be published by the MOU and included in its archives of bird records when accompanied by documentation.

If you were an observer of any of the reports listed below and are interested in providing documentation, the MOU would appreciate your assistance. In this list, Casual and Accidental species are shown in upper case and rare-Regular speces are shown in lower case. Also, documentation is requested for any occurrence of an Accidental, Casual or rare-Regular species not listed below, or for any species in an unusual location or at an unexpected date. Please contact me if you have questions about whether or not details are needed. 

BARROW'S GOLDENEYE 10/21 Cook (Grand Portage)
Red-throated Loon 11/3 Crow Wing (Garrison) 
Pacific Loon 10/20 Mille Lacs 
NEOTROPIC CORMORANT 8/1-2 Lac Qui Parle (Bolson Slough) 
NEOTROPIC CORMORANT 9/1 Lac Qui Parle (S end Lac Qui Parle Lake) 
Plegadis ibis sp. 8/29 Swift (3 at N end Lac Qui Parle Lake) 
Plegadis ibis sp. 9/3 Big Stone (5 in Toqua Twp., section 11) 
Plegadis ibis sp. 9/10 Lac Qui Parle (Perry Twp., section 7) 
Plegadis ibis sp. 9/28 Jackson (Sioux Valley Twp.) 
Prairie Falcon 9/3-4 Traverse (Croke Twp.) 
Prairie Falcon 9/16 Stearns (Greenwald WTP) 
Prairie Falcon 10/6 Yellow Medicine (near Porter) 
Prairie Falcon 10/20 Clay (near Buffalo River S.P.) 
Prairie Falcon 11/10, 11/14 Lac Qui Parle (Perry Twp.) 
WESTERN SANDPIPER 9/3 Traverse (Croke Twp.) 
White-rumped Sandpiper 8/8 Hennepin 
RED PHALAROPE 9/3 Big Stone (Graceville) 
RED PHALAROPE 9/10 Yellow Medicine (Miller Richter WMA) 
Little Gull 10/16 Cass (Walker WTP)
Little Gull 10/16-20 Cass (Cass Lake WTP)
BLACK-HEADED GULL 9/28 Jackson (second adult at north end Spirit Lake) 
MEW GULL 10/21 Lake of the Woods (Rainy River) 
Thayer's Gull 11/15 Cass (Walker) 
Great Black-backed Gull 10/30 Lac Qui Parle (Big Stone NWR) 
SABINE'S GULL 8/31 Marshall (Agassiz NWR) 
SABINE'S GULL 9/11 Todd (Lake Osakis) 
SABINE'S GULL 9/14 Beltrami (Lake Bemidji) 
SABINE'S GULL 9/17 Lac Qui Parle (Perry WMA) 
SABINE'S GULL 9/18 Lac Qui Parle (Lac Qui Parle Lake, CR 33 just SE of CR 26) 
SABINE'S GULL 9/22 Swift/Lac Qui Parle (Lac Qui Parle Lake) 
SABINE'S GULL 9/26 Big Stone (West Toqua Lake) 
SABINE'S GULL 9/28 Jackson (north end Spirit Lake) 
SABINE'S GULL 9/28 St. Louis (7 birds, Duluth) 
SABINE'S GULL 10/3 Yellow Medicine (Curtis Lake) 
SABINE'S GULL 10/4 Lincoln (Tyler WTP) 
WHITE-WINGED DOVE mid-August Stearns (near Clearwater)
SAY'S PHOEBE 9/17 Lac Qui Parle (Lac Qui Parle WMA, CR 59, 0.5 mi N of CR 38) 
Kentucky Warbler 8/31 Blue Earth (Williams County Park) 
Western Tanager 9/20 Duluth (Canal Park)

There are 4 ways to provide documentation: 
1) The preferred method is to go to to the MOU website at <http://moumn.org/> and highlight "Reporting Birds", then click on "Enter RQD Documentation" to fill out a documentation form online. Or, (2) you can download the documentation form by clicking on "Request for Documentation Form (pdf)" at the MOU website. Or, (3) by e-mail or regular U.S. mail, send me as complete a description as possible of the bird, any field notes or photographs which were taken, a comparison of this bird with similar species, your experience with this and similar species, whether or not you knew it was unusual, if and when field guides were used or needed to identify the bird, the light conditions, distance involved, how long the bird was seen, and the optics used. Or, (4) by e-mail or regular mail, send me your mailing address, and I will send you an MOU documentation form which outlines the requested information for you to fill in.

Again, seeing a rare bird and adding it to your personal list is certainly enjoyable in its own right, but when your sighting is also documented and sent in to the MOU it also serves as an important contribution to our knowledge of Minnesota bird distribution. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. On behalf of the MOU, thanks in advance for your help and your contribution to Minnesota ornithology!
Peder H. Svingen
Chairman, MOU Records Committee
2602 E. 4th Street
Duluth, MN 55812
<psvingen at d.umn.edu>

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