[mou] Barrow's Goldeneye, Harlequin Duck, etc.

Jim Ryan muchmoredoc at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 20:20:30 CST 2008

Nice report Alyssa,
I re-found the Harlequin on New Year's day along with some of the others you
mentioned.  Missing for me were the scaup and Ring-necked ducks!  My bonus
bird for the day was a Pileated Woodpecker crossing over Hwy 10 on the way

I've been to MSP three times now and have yet to see the Snowy.  I saw the
R-T and wondered the same thing as you - is it keeping the Snowy away?  I
may try again tomorrow on the way to work around sunrise.

Oh Yeah, I saw a small flock of robins in the fruit trees of the 1700
building on 82nd St. and 35w this morning too.  Nice way to start the year

Good Birding!

Jim Ryan on St. Paul's Westside
651-308-0234 business cell

"A man who dares to waste an hour of time has not discovered the value of
life." - Charles Darwin
On Jan 2, 2008 4:56 PM, alyssa <tiger150 at comcast.net> wrote:

>  Bob Dunlap and I did some birding today (1/2/08.) We started out at the
> MLS Airport on the desperate hunt for a Snowy Owl. We didn't find one.
> Then we drove to Point Douglas, where we spent the majority of the
> afternoon. The Barrow's Goldeneye was there when we arrived, amidst the
> Common's. After getting marvelous looks and comparisons, we found the
> Harlequin Duck, a loner that was close to the docks, but soon drifted out
> towards the rest of the activity. The Barrow's Goldeneye was spotted briefly
> again in the same vicinity. A few other waterfowl of note includes 2 Am.
> Coots, 2 displaying Redheads, 8 Trumpeter Swans, a Ring-necked Duck, and a
> side-by-side comparison between a Greater and Lesser Scaup (both males.)
> Next we saw the Tufted Titmouse in Hastings. It was at the feeders upon
> our arrival. (S/he even called a few times for us!) A Northern Shrike along
> 180th St.
> Hoping to find the Snowy's, we drove back to the MLS Airport at 3:45pm,
> and we tried Cargo Road and surrounding roads 3 times! But, naturally, (with
> both bad lucks combined), no Snowy Owl. We noted that there was a R-T Hawk
> perched in the same spot, so we concluded either the R-T Hawk kept the owl
> away, or the owl dressed up in a R-T Hawk costume. Oh well.
> Good birding to all~
> Alyssa DeRubeis
> tiger150 at comcast.net
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