[mou] Mute Swans - Winona county

Chris Benson chrisb at fullcircleimage.com
Fri Jan 4 16:48:42 CST 2008

At 1:30 this afternoon I saw 2 Mute Swans in a small
open lead on the Mississippi River along US 61
a couple miles south of Winona.
The exact location was at the junction of US 61 and
Winona County Road 15.
This is 1/4 mile or so south of the Bunnell House.
I did not have a scope so I wasn't able to tell if the birds
had leg bands or other marks indicating the birds
had escaped from capitivity but as with all Mute Swans
their wildness is suspect...
For safety's sake be aware of the traffic speeding by at 65+ MPH
if you try for the birds.

Chris Benson

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