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Phil Dech pdech at charter.net
Sat Jan 5 15:30:18 CST 2008

An adult male was with a mixed group of ducks visible from the east end of Colvill Park, behind the swimming pool complex, which is at the far end of the park from the entrance.  A life bird for me.  It was reasonably close, and not actively diving, so I got a good long look.

I often had the benefit of seeing Common Goldeneyes in the scope at the same time so I could easily compare them.  The crescent-shaped white patch on the cheek, extending above the level of the eye, was distinctive.  The more compact bill was also quite noticeable.  The  head shape was more sloping but did not stand out to me as much as I was thinking it would.  The black-and-white pattern on the side of the Barrow's was also quite a bit bolder than the Common, and I'm wondering whether this might be the best field mark to look for when scoping from a distance.  Does anyone have an opinion on this?

Ironically, I spent the morning with several other birders in Prescott, and we were unable to locate the Barrow's that has been reported there.  I ended up finding one 5 minutes from my home.  

The Harlequin Duck was again seen in Prescott, we got a couple of brief looks at it from River Bend Nature Center just east of the marina.

Phil Dech
Red Wing
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