[mou] Sax Zim reports

Jim Lind jslind at frontiernet.net
Sun Jan 6 18:17:54 CST 2008

Jim Shy reported seeing 3 Great Gray Owls along the Lake Nichols Road 
on Sunday evening (6-Jan).  Two were together in the same tree 0.5 
mile east of CR 7, and another was about 2 miles east of CR 7 near 
the lake.

Jim also talked to two groups of birders that each saw a Northern 
Hawk Owl at about the same time on Sunday, one along CR 7 at the 
powerline corridor near the Sax Road (CR 28), and the other along CR 
7 at the Stone Lake Road.

Cathy and Bob Andrini found a flock of about 150 Bohemian Waxwings at 
the Lutheran church in Meadowlands on the 4th.

Jim Lind

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