[mou] Hedbom Logging Road / Feeding Station

Michael Hendrickson mlhendrickson at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 6 20:34:17 CST 2008

The Hedbom logging road is plowed for about 3.5 miles from the east gates heading west. There is some logging going on and the road is very nicely plowed. You can now park on the shoulders of the road.  The road is so nicely plowed that any car can travel along the road and turn around where the logging road goes into the woods. There is a lot of woodpecker workings on the spruce/tamarack trees 2.2 - 2.5 miles west of the east gates along the Hedbom logging road.

I got an email from Helen Abramson and she inform me that Derek Morse feeder is getting a lot of attention from birders and that is good.  The only item Derek is concern about is that some birders are parking in the middle of the driveway which is blocking them from getting out. Derek plowed a very large swath of his land for birders to park on, so please park on the parking areas not in the middle of the driveway or on the drive way.  Derek is very pleased with the donations he has recieved from all the birders -- thank you all for donating money to help pay for the feed.  

Also the Meadowlands Country Market owners are very pleased with birders coming in and giving them business! Thanks again! They make wonderful subways!!

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