[mou] Sax-Zim

Joel Claus jclaus13 at msn.com
Sun Jan 6 21:34:19 CST 2008

I birded the Sax-Zim area today and found it somewhat slow away from the feeders.  The highlight was a Great Grey Owl found at 2 PM along McDavitt Rd, 3.2 miles north of CR 28.  I struck out on the Nichols Lake Rd Great Greys, the Hawk Owl, and the woodpeckers despite making several forays into the bogs where they had been feeding (snow shoes are recommended, especially for crossing the ditches!).  Derek's feeders were great and he has a very nice parking area plowed out for birders.  Hopefully he is making out OK on the donations.  Those Evening Grosbeaks were really going through the sunflower seed.
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