[mou] N Hawk Owl, V Thrush, Harris's Sparrow, W-w Crossbill

Eckert K R eckertkr at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 15:40:43 CST 2008

Though not nearly as exciting as today's 2-hour-long presence of an 
Ivory Gull, here are a few additional sightings from Duluth/Two Harbors 
which have not previously posted on mou-net:

N Hawk Owl: Marilyn Robertson found a new hawk owl in Duluth near the 
corner of Blackman Ave & MacFarlane Rd on the morning of Jan 5, and it 
was relocated this afternoon by Mike Hendrickson just N of this 
intersection along Northridge Dr. To reach this location, turn N off 
Arrowhead Rd on Blackman, which is just a few blocks E of the stoplight 
where Rice Lake Rd turns S off Arrowhead.

A Varied Thrush and Boreal Chickadee are now being seen at a feeder in 
the eastern part of Duluth, and birders are welcome to come look for 
it. The only request of the homeowners (Christina and Dave) is that 
birders need to call first for directions to the house and to say when 
they would be coming: the phone number is 218-728-0808.

The Minn Birding Weekends group found both White-winged Crossbills and 
a Harris's Sparrow in Two Harbors on Jan 5. The quite out-of-season 
sparrow was at 226 4th Ave, and the crossbills were on the far SW edge 
of town along Scenic Hwy 61 near the Earthwood Inn Motel.  - Kim Eckert

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