[mou] Ivory Gull & Sax Zim Bog

Michael Hendrickson mlhendrickson at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 7 17:27:41 CST 2008

What a day!  I am driving along the Admiral Rd and my cell phone went off.  Peder Svingen informs me he is looking at a small all white gull with a black face and legs.  I responded "you found a Ivory Gull?" Peder "YES"  So I get the location from Peder and looked at my client (Phil Swanson from Omaha, NE) and we both decided to get out of here and head to Duluth.  We got there around 12:30pm and watched the Ivory Gull for an hour!!

The Ivory Gull is one of them birds I wanted to see all my life!  I almost had tears when I finally saw it.  Some birders have a thing for tropical birds but I have a strong attraction for arctic birds.  So congratulations Peder for finding this bird and thanks for getting the word out so quickly!!  OH thanks Cell One (cell provider) for letting this call go thru when most times I hardly get any signal in the bog to receive calls especially in the middle of the Admiral Rd in Sax Zim Bog!!! 

Sax Zim Bog:

Nichols Lake Rd (8:15am) Great Gray Owl .8 miles east of Co. Rd 7
Nichols Lake Rd (8:30am) Barred Owl 1.8 miles east of Co. Rd 7 
Derek Morse's feeder: Hoary Redpoll (male)


Northern Hawk Owl on the corner of McFarland Rd and Blackman Rd. (Read Kim Eckert's post for directions)  The owl was at the corner for a short time. It was interesting that the owl was sitting there looking at us then flew up to a birch snag with the top busted off. The owl reached in and pulled out a food cache. The food cache looked like some sort of passerine. After the owl got its cache it flew towards the east and down on Northridge Ln which is right off Northridge Dr.  Northridge Dr is a continuation of Blackman that leads to a richy housing complex.

Heading back to the Bog tomorrow and after tomorrow I'll be on vacation from guiding till Jan 19-20.

Mike Hendrickson
Duluth, Minnesota
Website: http://webpages.charter.net/mmhendrickson/
Blog: http://colderbythelakebirding.blogspot.com/

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