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Last day with Phil Swanson of Nebraska.

Sax Zim Bog:

-Northern Hawk Owl .6 miles south of Stone Lake Rd (co. rd 319) on Co. Rd 7. This is where Zim Sod is located and the owl was on the east side of 7 above the greenish yellow storage garage on a telephone pole.

- 2 Black-backed Woodpeckers (males) 1. 2.5 miles north of Sax Rd (Co. Rd 28) on the east side of road. 2. .4 miles north of Co. Rd 133 on the Blue Spruce Rd (Co. Rd 211) on east side of road.  I made a path from road to woodpecker area. Its about 3 feet wide and I packed the snow down so birders can cross over the ditch and into the woods. Easy walking!

Feeding Station on Blue Spruce Rd.:
-Hoary Redpoll 
-Common Redpolls
-Evening Grosbeaks
-Pine Grosbeaks
-Black-billed Magpie (fly by)
-Gray Jay (heard)
* best time to see Hoary Redpoll is early in the am hours before 9am. There are more redpolls feeding at the feeders vs. later in the day.

* worked for Great Grays in the am hours and could not relocate any owls.

*Saw the Hawk Owl around mid morning and went to look for it again in the afternoon and could not relocate it! Just shows you how tough these owls are to find! Searched all over for it.

* Logging areas:  Logging continues on the west side of the sand pits between McDavitt Rd and Admiral Rd. Large tracts of tamracks/spruce are being removed.
Logging (small operation) on the south end of Blue Spruce Rd.  Taking out tamaracks and spruce trees.

* St. Louis County workers are digging out ditches along McDavitt Rd and a small dozer is cleaning out bushes and small trees all along the ditchs. 

* Want to see some wonderful bog area that is on state forest land?  From Co. Rd 133 just east of Meadowlands take a drive down Co. Rd 47. Beautiful tracts of land that probably harbor Conn Warblers and other bog birds. Also there are several places where woodpeckers have worked the trees over. This is where a Great Gray Owl was reported.

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