[mou] Belated Summary of Fairmont CBC

Brad Bolduan bbolduan at rconnect.com
Tue Jan 8 19:24:37 CST 2008

There were 5600 individuals of 47 species found by 14 observers on the Dec.
15 Fairmont CBC.  This is a record high species total for the count.  The
species found in the highest numbers was ... not impressive - 1218 starlings
(mostly from one feedlot).

We had one species new to the count (a meadowlark which was wisely not
identified to species).  We had a reoccurrence of every sparrow species
previously found on the count - Harris's, White-throated, Song, Junco,
Lapland longspur, Snow Bunting and Am Tree Sparrow.  Blackbirds were
represented by Grackles, the meadowlark, and Cowbirds (no Rustys or
Redwings).  There was relatively little open water for the count and only
four species of waterfowl were found  - Canada Goose, Mallard, Black Duck,
and Lesser Scaup.  Misses included Flicker, Kestral, Partridge, and Siskin.

Semi-hardy landbirds were generally well represented.  We had or tied our
record high counts for Bald Eagle (7), Coopers Hawk (1), Red-tailed Hawk
(14), Pheasant (296), Mourning Dove (17), Great Horned Owl (5), Red-bellied
Woodpecker (17), Hairy Woodpecker (17), Horned Lark (254), Northern Shrike
(1), Cedar Waxwing (135), Starling (1218), Swamp Sparrow (1), Lapland
Longspur (27), Meadowlark (1), and Common Redpoll (2).

The Fairmont count has been conducted annually since 1990.  Next years count
will likely be Dec 20, 2008 (unless we try Sunday, Dec 14).  New
participants are certainly welcome.  Maybe next year we will get our first

Brad Bolduan

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