[mou] Prescott, WI

Jason Caddy j.caddy at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 9 16:00:08 CST 2008

I had a nice morning birding at the park and marina in Prescott, WI.  Missed the Barrow's Goldeneye amongst the hundreds of Commons
that were spread throughout the area (but I saw it here on January 2nd).  Here are the highlights:
Harlequin Duck- 1 male (great views)
Northern Shrike- 1
Redhead- 2 males
Ring-necked Duck- 1 female
American Coot- 1
Bald Eagle- 14 (8 adult 6 juvenile)
Common Merganser- 20
Mallard- 25
Canada Goose- 50
Common Goldeneye- 200
Good Birding,
Jason Caddy
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