[mou] Eagles on the Mississippi

SCOTT MEYER scottandjudy3 at msn.com
Thu Jan 10 13:40:21 CST 2008

I really can't believe I am reading this.  Just wanting to see a bird, but you have to trespass to do it, and then suggest that others "might" not want to do it because it is private property, is insane.  Private property is illegal to be on!  To bad if you can't see something unless you break the law.  

These are exactly the things that give "birders" a bad name and get us kicked out of places because the actions of birders with incredibly bad judgment.  

I will bet that if you had gone up to the yacht dealership and asked, they probably wouldn't have a problem with it, or if they said "no", then you could put the word out that going out there was not allowed.  

Implying that others might want to trespass is also so incredibly unethical.  This is like giving free licenses for people to break the law to anyone else who has to see that bird.  

The fun of birding is getting that good look at incredible birds.  Having posted land is the same as having trees in your way, so that makes your brain think of other, "legal" ways to get that good look.  And if you can't, you can't.  It's like loosing the Black-throated Blue Warbler that just gets lost in the leaves and never shows again.  Well, you might get it next time which adds excitement to birding.  

Please don't trespass and broadcast it as okay to do!  If you do, then we "all" loose places to bird.

Scott B. Meyer
Richfield, MN

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  Michael, I can't comment about the eagles at Redwing but the eagles at Prescott, WI were very active and fun to watch.  Of the 14 or more eagles I saw, about 6 of them were actively feeding by diving down to the water and picking off the dead fish from the surface and harassing the waterfowl.  One adult would bring the fish back to feed a juvenile in a nearby tree.  The whole scene was very fun to watch and I would recommend this area for eagle lovers.  The only problem is you can't see them well from the boat launch at the south side of the marina.  I had to walk onto the small jetty owned by the yacht dealership.  This jetty is private property so I don't necessarily suggest using it but I didn't see another area for good viewing.
  Good Luck,
  Jason Caddy

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