[mou] Mississippi Eagles/ Apology

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Jason thank you for your reply.  And I hope I  won't have to spill any more ink on this.  

Someone emailed me that they asked the Yacht Club, who it turns out didn't care if anyone went out on the dock. That was the proper and easy thing to do.  Actually that information should have been posted on this list-serve because of the interest in the two Harlequins and Barrow's .

Remember trespassing is trespassing, no matter how easy it is.  Writing about it or not doesn't make it okay to do something illegal.  

Ironically, on the first day, one of the two male Harlequin ducks wear spotted near where your incident occurred.

I witnessed an experienced birder repeatedly bash a door , that said no "Trespassing " to the point he could have been arrested for "damage to private property".  This incredibly stupid act could have closed the area off for us.  

Jason, I would read the ABA guidelines and also remember that farmers fields are off limits even if not marked.  I didn't mean to insult you, but this has been a hot issue.  

Keep posting, don't let this little incident stop you from contributing.

Scott B. Meyer

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  Fellow Birders,
  I just joined the MOU and just started posting a couple of days ago.  I didn't realize how controversial my post was.  I will be much more
  careful what I write in the future.  I do feel that people should use their own best judgement when birding.  At the time I didn't believe
  that going out on the jetty was that big of a deal, the dealership is closed for the season and the jetty is very small and very close to
  the public boat launch.  I would never condone trespassing and if the shop was open I would have asked permission.  Thanks for the
  Good Birding,
  Jason Caddy

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