[mou] First Meeker CBC belated

Milton Blomberg MJBFLWRMT at MSN.COM
Sat Jan 12 10:55:55 CST 2008

Seeing posting reports of CBC's and having returned from a trip, FYI if you like:
Dec. 26, 2007, 15 volunteers counted the new Meeker County circle which comprises of the Litchfield Nature Preserve on the south rim, the N. Fork Crow River on the NW to E rim with Forest City just north of the center point.  Frozen ice, 6-8" snowcover, 20's F temps. some wind chill.
36 species, 3400 individuals.
Mallard-12; Bald Eagle-8; Sharp-shinned Hawk-2; Merlin-1; Red-tailed Hawk-35; Kestrel-3; Pheasant-319;W.Turkey-142; Rock Dove Pigeon-547; Mourning Dove-8; GHOwl-1; RBWoodpecker-22; DownyWP-51; HairyWP-12; PileatedWP-5; NFlicker-1; NShrike-2; BlueJay-109; Crow-248;Chickadee-202; RBNuthatch-4; WBNuthatch-68; Robin-38; Starling-499; CedarWaxwing-51; Am.TreeSparrow-23; DEJunco-194 (one prominent Oregon); Lapland Longspur-39; Snow Bunting-141; Cardinal-33; PurpleFinch-6; House Finch-4; Am.Goldfinch-42; HouseSparrow-476.

Of note:  Red-tailed Hawk city...related to high count of Pheasant?  Merlin seen chasing on Snow Buntings.  Blue Jay counts are up relative to recent years in nearby CBC's.  A nice successful start. Join us next year. mjb 
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