[mou] Red-shouldered Hawk - Dakota County

Richard J Specht rjspecht at juno.com
Sat Jan 12 13:09:44 CST 2008

This afternoon, Jeanne and I were walking near Thomas Lake in Eagan when
a Red-shouldered Hawk landed on a fence post about 100 feet ahead of us. 
We were able to watch it for quite a while as it flew from the post to a
nearby tree and made some unsuccessful attempts at getting a rodent.  

We parked in the main parking lot off Pilot Knob road just north of Cliff
road.  We walked along the trail along the north side of the lake until
we hit Thomas Lake Road, and then were walking south toward Cliff Road
when we saw the Hawk.  It is only the second Red-shouldered Hawk we have
seen in Dakota County.

Rick Specht

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