[mou] Sherburne, Anoka, Chisago Today

Jim Ryan muchmoredoc at gmail.com
Sat Jan 12 19:18:45 CST 2008

Touring north of the metro area today I found:

*Sherburne County:*
*Bald Eagle *- mature - on Cty 5 ~ 2 miles N of Hwy 10.
*Bohemian Waxwings* - large flock on Ann Lake Campground Rd (253rd St)
- *thanks
Pastor Al Schirmacher *for directions!
*Cedar Waxwings* - large flock mixing with Bohemians in same location
*Falcon - *probable female Kestrel, but Merlin may not be ruled out -
chasing flocks of waxwings & I never got my glasses on it.
*Pine Grosbeaks* - 5 hanging out in treetops much further down Ann Lake
Campground Rd.

*Chisago County*: (had to run to a friends house - saw several* R-T
Hawks*along State Hwy 95)
*Bald Eagle* - mature
*Ring-necked Pheasant*
*Barred Owl *- on Cty 26 ~ 1.5 mi. S. of Hwy 8 - bonus bird, as it flew
across the road in front of me - I saw it leave it's perch

*Anoka Cty:* (spent some time in the late afternoon cruising* Carlos
Avery *hoping
for short-eared owls)
*N. Harrier* - male
*N. Shrike*
*Bald Eagle* - mature
*B.C. Chickadee *- only 1!
*Am. Tree Sparrow* - 2

Not a very birdy day overall, but some quality species for the time spent.
(and almost all FOY, of course)


Jim Ryan on St. Paul's Westside
651-308-0234 business cell

"A man who dares to waste an hour of time has not discovered the value of
life." - Charles Darwin
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