[mou] Median Arrival Dates?

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One source I still use is Bob Janssen's "Birds in Minnesota," which you may
be able to find at used or online used book stores. My copy says 1987, but
he and Jan Green published a prior book in the 1970's. Both are based
(loosely) on Thomas Sadler Roberts' 2 vol. set on the birds of MN, which was
published in the 1930's. If you ever find THAT in a used book store, take
out a loan to get it, don't pass it up! I recently found a very interesting
book at a used book store called "Bird Portraits in Color," which must be a
shortened "monograph" type version (with artists Breckenridge, Brooks,
Fuertes, Jacques, Sutton, and Weber), but Mr. Roberts' text is as clear and
concise in this volume as in the larger ones (that I have viewed at the
library.) As Bob states in his introduction, bird data changes with time and
the number of watchers submitting their records, but the info in his book
will give you a good beginning. 

You may also find good info on status and distribution at the Birds of North
America site, which can be accessed thru the Cornell Labs site. There is an
annual fee, but the price is way lower than buying the printed version, and
the data is updated more frequently.

Holly Peirson
Columbus, Anoka Co.

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While we've given consideration to doing so, a composite of median
arrival and departure dates has not been published, and so is not
available at this time.  


Paul Budde

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Where can one find a list of median arrival dates for all of Minnesota's
migratory species?  <snip>

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