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Sat Jan 19 21:00:51 CST 2008

> From: Anne & Allan Bier <aabier at earthlink.net>
> Date: January 19, 2008 8:53:24 PM CST
> Subject: bird id q?
> A friend just called me.  He says he saw a woodpecker at his cabin  
> on Bass Lake, south of Biwabik, in central St. Louis County.  He  
> said he looked at it with binoculars.  Details:  robin-size or  
> maybe a little larger.  Head is red, down back of the neck.  No  
> comb.  Face had white around the eyes.  Breast was maybe buff- 
> colored, lighter than a robin anyway.  Back was barred buff (rather  
> than white) and black.
> Looking in my National Geo book - Red-Bellied Woodpecker is south  
> of here but not too far.  Red-breasted Sapsuckers are far to the  
> west.  He says he knows Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers, it wasn't that.   
> Any clue?  I don't think he has a bird book handy, and he's not  
> online.
> Many thanks.
> We always have chickadees here.  This morning I was awakened by a  
> persistent tapping by my bedroom (second-story) window, which was  
> driving my cat crazy.  Outside the window in the arbor vitae were 5  
> chickadees, including one that was tapping on the window sill,  
> probably eating the sunflower seeds from the front porch feeder.   
> It's a little nippy today, I am guessing they like the shelter next  
> to the house and on the east side out of the wind.
> Thanks for your help, which I'll send on to my Bass Lake friend.
> Anne Bier, Virginia

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