[mou] Townsends solitaire in Duluth....

SCmzd at aol.com SCmzd at aol.com
Sun Jan 20 19:27:56 CST 2008

Located a probable second townsends solitaire in Duluth/Hermantown  today.  
On the corner of Haines road and Hermantown road there is a house  across the 
street from the BP gas station with a large crabapple tree in the  front yard.  
The townsends was in the apple tree for approx. three hours  today.  There 
are also crabapple trees in the church next to this house,  and several 
crabapple trees right down the road at Engwall florist.  I have  observed a townsends 
solitaire at the Leif Ericson Park area on Tuesday,  Thursday, and Saturday, 
so I feel reasonably sure that these are two seperate  birds.  Happy Birding, 
Shawn Zierman.

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