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Birding this weekend with Barret Pierce from Amarillo, TX and Mary from Reno, NV.  AITKIN CO 1/18Hedbom Road (nicely plowed with turnouts) Female AM 3-TOED WOODPECKER in usual spot (area of heavily worked Spruces on E. end)[Beware of crossing the "frozen" ditch on N. side...Cross where the heavily traveled path is...I didn't and broke through the ice and was soaked up to my knees. My feet and pants froze instantly (-22 degrees)] 2 AMERICAN MAGPIES along MN169/210 1.2 mi S of 390th St. 
[Also 6 N. Shrikes, 1 Bohemian Waxwing, Ruffed Grouse.] SAX-ZIM 1/19In addition to Mike Hendrickson's and Kim Eckert's recent reports...1 male HOARY REDPOLL at 8271 Stone Lake Road (one of the first cabins you come to from the W...feeder in front yard)1 female HOARY REDPOLL at Blue Spruce Road feeder. (reported by Mike and others)1 male and 1 female AM 3-TOED WP on Blue Spruce Rd. 0.4 mi N of CR133 (This female combined with Kim's two males at this spot means at least 3 Am 3-toeds in this patch of woods.)120 SNOW BUNTINGS along CR7 at Sax Rd.(MOURNING DOVE in Meadowlands is not real exciting but a good bird for Meadowlands in mid-winter!)
[Also Red Fox, N. Hawk Owl (thanks Mike), Pine Grosbeaks, C. Redpolls, Evening Grosbeak, 7 N Shrikes) DULUTH 1/19SNOWY OWL along Airport Rd between Federal prison and airport on power pole. 5:21pm. DULUTH 1/20MERLIN at intersection of Jefferson and 18th Ave E.    Sparky Stensaas2515 Garthus Road Wrenshall, MN 55797 218.341.3350 cell sparkystensaas at hotmail.comwww.kollathstensaas.comwww.stoneridgepress.comwww.sparkyphotos.com 
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