[mou] Red Tailed Hawks

Gerald Brimacombe gbrim at integra.net
Mon Jan 21 17:07:27 CST 2008

I have been observing a pair of Red Tailed Hawks for the past year. Their favorite perch is atop a modern style high tension pole overlooking Dan Patch Lake here in Savage.  They work the yards and woods in the surrounding area, and I note with pleasure the considerable reduction in our squirrel/chipmunk population.  They have been here all winter, but have disappeared since the arrival of our current cold spell. I suspect they are probably still in the area, but have hunkered down out of the wind and cold like all the rest of us.  I was under the impression that most hawks migrated further south for better hunting during the winter months.  Any feedback on this?

Thank you,
Gerald Brimacombe
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