[mou] Albino Red-tailed

Don Darnell darnell48 at earthlink.net
Fri Jan 25 18:54:41 CST 2008

Had a LARGE WHITE HAWK fly across the road in front of my car this afternoon in Eden Prairie (Hennepin).  I backtracked and drove to a stand of trees it  was headed for.  Just as I got out of the car for a look, it flushed from a nearby tree.  It was strange for me to see the yellow bill attached to the pure white face, the yellow legs dragging under its beltless white underside as it flew away.  I stood there waiting for a while and then had another Red-tailed -- lightish, but no albino -- fly over by shoulder in same the direction of the first hawk.  This second hawk alighted in a stand of trees on a ridge about 150 yards away.  As hard as I tried, I could not find either bird perched in this rugged residential area.  Can't wait to get out there tomorrow morning (Saturday) and  see if I can relocate it -- the white one, that is.  I've seen light morph Red-tailed Hawks before, but this one took the cake.  He was totally white that I could see.

Don Darnell
Eden Prairie, MN
Hennepin County
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