[mou] Vocalizing Shrike, Golden Valley

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it is thought that the warbling song of the Northern Shrike is a siren song, used to lure birds out in the open, attracting them as prey. It is thought that it serves as a generic finch territorial song. People allude commonly to its quiet tone and variable nature. This is quite cool. Record it on video, I have been chasing this call for years, to no avail!

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    I heard an unfamiliar call in General Mills Nature Area. It was a quiet warbling, sort of liquid-y. I spotted a shrike across the pond, and decided to head over there later. Once I got there, I heard a much worse call. It started out with a low "urrrn" followed by several higher "uran's". It was reminiscent of a squealing pig, or a dying mammal. It sung two or three times. I don't know how common it is to actually hear a Northern Shrike in Minnesota, but it was neat nonetheless.
    Today was a pretty birdy day, with a Pine Siskin and a pair of R-B Nuthatches being the other highlights. Chickadees, W-B Nuthatches, and even a hesitant cardinal were all singing. And of course all of the other birds were fairly active. Good birding~

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