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Don Darnell darnell48 at earthlink.net
Sun Jan 27 21:28:10 CST 2008

Couldn't relocate the "white" RED-RAILED HAWK I saw Friday along Cty Rd 60 in Eden Prairie (a little south of 62); however, going back to the area yesterday my wife and I found a NORTHERN SHRIKE hunting on the grounds of the nearby Forest Hills Park -- surely the same shrike I counted for the CBC on 12/15 at the exact same spot.  

Going back to the area today (Sunday) we failed to find the albino Red-tailed (or "big-time" leucistic, if you like), but we did find an adult RED-SHOULDERED HAWK perched on the front property of the nearby Liberty Baptist Church on 60 (Baker Rd).  We watched this hawk -- beautifully lit in late afternoon sun -- successfully hunt for close to half an hour.  Looks like those winter-time Red-shouldereds -- as the Schirmachers will attest from Sherburne yesterday -- are slowly etching their way north in Minnesota.  This beautiful bird made our day -- especially considering that we went to see a really tedious, overwrought and unpleasant movie just after our pleasant bird-watching experience.  Please, save your money, "There Will Be Blood"  has absolutely no redeeming value.  And here I could have been reading a good book tonight.

BTW:  Thanks to others, I now know that the "white" RED-TAILED-HAWK has been living in Eden Prairie for several years; in fact at least one person, Stan Tekiela, has photos of it, perched and in flight.  So you know.

Hale to John J,

Don Darnell
Eden Prairie/Hennepin Cty.
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