[mou] Great weekend of bird photography

jeff fischer tiercel63 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 28 08:40:46 CST 2008

This past weekend I had a great weekend birding around the Twin Cities. On Thursday evening I had a very cooperative red-shouldered hawk on highway 10 near 61 in Hastings. The hawk was in very good light and very cooperative, posing so that I could get a lot of great shots. I will probably include one of the photos in the MOU gallery when I get a chance. 
Friday I had the day off so I went to Carpenter Nature Center to watch the banding. I made a trip down to Prescott first to look for the Barrow's and harlequin. Neither were present but the eagles fishing in the morning sun were well worth the stop. I got a lot of very nice fishing and flight shots. 
Saturday I headed to Lakeville to get pictures of the great horned owl nest. I found the female in the nest and the male in the neighboring trees. I could not really see much of the female except her tufts but got some nice shots of the male perched and with his eyes open. While watching the owls I ran into Laura, Linda, and Susan in Lakeville and was happy to point out the male so that they could get a good look of him too. I may add one of the GHO pics to the MOU gallery also. 
On Sunday I went up to Monticello to shoot pictures of the 1000 plus trumpeter swans. I took a lot of pics concentrating on flight shots and interaction between the swans.
If you would like to see some of the pictures that I shot please check out my blogsite, http://ecobirder.blogspot.com/ , during the week. I will be posting the pictures as I get them cropped and down sized for web use.
It sounds like a lot of other birders had a great weekend too, unfortunately it does not look like the nice weather will last.
Jeff Fischer

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