[mou] Red-shouldered Hawk

Don Darnell darnell48 at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 28 09:46:24 CST 2008

Scott's Red-shouldered Hawk  from Saturday (1/26) could possibly be the same Red-shoulderd Hawk (adult) my wife and I watched  for 25-minutes on Sunday (1/27) in NE Eden Prairie (?).   According to Scott's site location, our hawk would be some 11 to 14 miles south of his bird.

I probably shouldn't have buried our Red-shouldered sighting in the "Albino Red-tailed" post.  And, yes, I agree, the white Red-tailed is probably not a  "full" albino.  We'll use that impressive-sounding "leucistic" word for it.

Don Darnell
Eden Prairie/Hennepin
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