[mou] Becker Co. Evening Grosbeaks, Hubbard Co. Trumpeters

Matt Mecklenburg mattmecklenburg at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 28 09:51:50 CST 2008

Visited a friend in Osage, MN on Saturday and Sunday.
Bird sightings include:
On Saturday evening, a dozen Trumpeters on the Fish Hook River near Park Rapids.
In Osgae on Sunday in my friends yard:
BC Chickadees
Red Breasted Nuthatch
DE Junkos
And....after more then a decade of searching, after numerous "you should have been here 5 minutes earlier or 5 minutes later", after at least a yearly trip to the north woods, after faithfully scoping out the listserves and somtimes getting to the spot imedeately, I finnaly have my nemesis bird; Evening Grosbeak. Just like these things usually work out, I did not have to leave my friends home to see them, I woke up to a mixed flock of males, females and immatures of 25 perched in his aspen trees in his yard. He lives near the Straight Lake Condos on Washington street. After getting good looks for over 10 mimutes the flock was off. I tried to locate them that afternoon, to of course, no avail. However, If they are like any other nemesis that I've had, I will now start to see them regularly.
Also, when searching for the Grosbeaks, I had 10 ruffed grouse in crap apple trees on North Washington Ave, north of town.
An always humbled to the sport of birdwatching
Matt Mecklenburg
Good Birding!
Clay County
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