[mou] Sax Zim Sunday 1-27-08

Alt, Mark Mark.Alt at bestbuy.com
Mon Jan 28 10:53:24 CST 2008

Spent the day in the bog yesterday, started out at -8 and raised slowly
to +35 before we left. Highlights were the Northern Hawk Owl in the
normal spot on 7, north of the sod farms, and 3 Black-backed
Woodpeckers, two on Admiral Road and one on McDavitt. We found Boreal
Chickadees at four locations, totaling six individuals, and I was able
to film one near Melrude at a feeder. This spot also had another
chickadee I filmed, a Black Capped Chickadee with a big white face like
a White Breasted Nuthatch!  The links are below, as well as posted to
the MOU gallery. We had great fortune at the feeders on Blue Spruce
Road, with two Hoaries in with the Redpolls, along with many Pine and
Evening Grosbeaks. No Rough-Leggeds seen at all, seven shrikes seen, but
all flew quickly a distantly away. No Great Grey Owls seen, but a huge
snow angel on Owl Avenue seemed to show they may be around. WE followed
moose tracks along Admiral for about two miles, and found where a grouse
was taken, it looked like it may have been a Goshawk. Since it has been
awhile since fresh snow, the tracks tell many stories right now! Wolf
tracks are always fun, and it must be a good year for Snowshoe Hares, we
didn't see any, but their tracks were ubiquitous.

White-faced Chickadee:

Boreal Chickadee:

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