[mou] Leucistic birds

Chad Heins odunamis at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 29 08:56:00 CST 2008

Hey birders!

Another question has popped up with some of the recent posts with leucistic birds.

I currently have a leucistic Black-capped Chickadee visiting my feeders.  The back is white and some of the black feathers on the nape and crown are "frosted".  This bird interestingly has a distinctly different call and can be identified by ear when I am walking in the neighborhood; it resembles a louder and less squeaky Boreal.  I also have a leucistic female House Finch with one white cheek visiting my feeding station.

A couple of weeks ago I saw a leucistic Blue Jay.  Black markings were faint and the rest of the plumage was white.  

My question is...how many of us report the "odd" birds that we see during the course of the year?  I know that I do not do it typically...but maybe I should.

Chad Heins
Mankato, MN

P.S. Warmer weather = male Merlin perched in the neighborhood and first American Kestrel of the year.  It will be hard to go back to "real" winter.

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