[mou] In Search of Photo(s) of Salt Lake area LacQuiParle County

Barbara D. Tarcza bdtstudio at bdt.westhost.com
Mon Jan 28 14:31:35 CST 2008

My apologies if this is received twice; my email jammed up and I do not know
if the first message went through.

I am not a member of your listserve, but Kim Eckert suggested I contact your

I am searching for a photo of the Salt Lake Wildlife Management Area in Lac
qui Parle County to use as a reference for a painting relating to the 
Minnesota Sesquicentennial events coming up this year.  The historical
societies of my home county, Lac Qui Parle, and four others have been
awarded a joint grant to commission works from local artists for a visual
arts display that will commemorate the history of this part of western
Minnesota. The application provided a list of subjects from which to choose;
as I grew up in Marietta and live on the same road that leads to Salt Lake,
it is naturally my first choice. It is my hope to find one or more photos
depicting the lake in spring or summer, and including the viewing deck.

The deadline by which I must submit an application to be considered for a
commission is Friday, Feb. 1.  At this point I only need a good jpeg image
that I could print out to give them an idea of how the finished painting
might appear.

If any of your members can help me out on this, I would be very appreciative
and would certainly give any credits requested.

Thank you.
Barbara D. Tarcza
BDT Studio
Marietta, MN

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