[mou] MSP Airport Snowy Owl Visible Now 4:40 PM

SCOTT MEYER scottandjudy3 at msn.com
Thu Jan 31 16:55:47 CST 2008

The Snowy Owl at the MSP airport is easily visible now from the SW corner of the NWA Glycol recycling facility which is the first buildings you see to the left when coming out of the first tunnel going into the airport on Cargo Road.  This is West of the UPS buildings.  

Park at the SW most corner of their road  (just before turning left to exit their facility) and look to the SE across cargo road to the first grassy strip just  before the the East-West Runway.  If it helps she is left  and in front of a large black sign with a number 1 on it.  You can easily see her with binoculars or a scope.  The line to the bird going across Cargo Road is also just east of the end of the tunnel.  If you don't see her right away just scan the grassy strip from East to West and she appears very large in the grass.  

Scott Meyer
Richfield, MN
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