[mou] Buff Breasted Sandpiper/Crossbills

Nathan Schirmacher natester166 at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 26 17:41:49 CDT 2008

    Today my Dad and I went up to Aitkin county. One of our first birds was a Buff Breasted Sandpiper sitting in a pond on the intersection of Aitkin 15 and 441 Place. It sat for a little while with some Pect's then proceeded to go off in the grasses (where we could not relocate it). We then went to the "famous" Aitkin 18 where on the snowmobile trail we had 25+ White-winged Crossbills. Then about ten minutes later heading from a opposite direction came 2 Red Crossbills. There also was a Yellow-Bellied Flycatcher on the snowmobile trail. One other notable bird was a Magpie seen at Rice Lake NWR. This seemed a bit south for this species. All in all a great day of birding, also my Dad had 22 Butterflies on the day. 
Nathan Schirmacher
Mille Lacs County 
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