[mou] Bell's vireo-Lake Nokomis, Mpls

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Mon Jun 9 13:30:22 CDT 2008

The Bell's vireo was singing from the same location at 11 a.m. today, Monday.  This was the best look I have ever had at a singing Bell's: Thanks for posting it, Diana. 
Ruth Hiland
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  This morning at 7:45 I heard and saw a Bell's vireo at Lake Nokomis, Mpls.

  The bird was singing constantly from the willows and cottonwoods at the southwest side of the Lake Nokomis lagoon (west of Cedar Ave. bridge). Taking the path around the lagoon, it was in the area behind the very large cottonwood stump just along the path. It sang constantly for nearly half an hour.

  I remember someone posting a Bell's vireo in the same location last year or the year before. Thanks to whoever posted that original sighting.

  I also saw a common loon on L. Nokomis, surprising for June, and a green heron seems to hang out at the storm grate in the reeds just north of the Bell's vireo area, on the left side of the path heading north.

  Diana Doyle
  S. Minneapolis


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