[mou] Sewage pond access?

Phil Dech pdech at charter.net
Sat Mar 15 00:00:40 CDT 2008

Okay, I admit that I do not have Kim Eckert's book memorized, though perhaps I should.  I recently re-read his account of Wabasha County, which noted that the only sewage ponds in the county are in Bellechester.  I live in Red Wing, and go to Zumbrota twice a week for work, so Bellechester is just a short detour along the way.  I've been making the drive for the last few years, and hadn't figured this out.  It would not be that hard for me to check these out from time to time, especially in migration.  I checked them out a couple of weeks ago.  They were easy to get to, frozen over of course, but I was rewarded by 20 or so Horned Larks on the gravel road to the gate.  Any advice on getting permission to go in?  Views for the far ponds from the gate would definitely be better.
Phil Dech
Red Wing
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