[mou] GWF Geese, Rice Co.

Dave Bartkey screechowl at charter.net
Thu Mar 27 20:58:04 CDT 2008

Hi everyone,

  On a tip from Gene Bauer last night, I took off birding on my lunch break
at work today hoping for some Greater White-fronted Geese that he saw
yesterday. Gene indicated that they were in an area south of Union Lake off
CR 46, in an area known as Heath Creek. The geese were still present at noon
and I counted at least 54 of them, but there were undoubtedly more as the
bank of Heath Creek hid a lot of birds from the road. Heath Creek is just
south of where CR 46 & CR 59 intersect. CR 46 runs parallel to I-35 on the
west side.


  Also on CR 46 on the west side, a couple of miles south of here, and about
100 yards south of where CR 1 crosses CR 46 (CR 1 is the Dundas exit off of
I-35) is an area known as the "Horse Pasture" around here. In the field
adjacent to the wetland, there is some flooding and it was full of nice
dabblers today- Wigeon, Pintail, GW Teal, Shovelers & Gadwall. I guess the
pintail have been hanging around for three days or more.


  I also saw my first, second, third & fourth Song Sparrows of the year


  I did not re-locate the Ross' Goose.


Good birding,


Dave Bartkey

Faribault, MN

screechowl at charter.net  

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