[mou] Another (?) Ross' Goose

Dave Bartkey screechowl at charter.net
Fri Mar 28 21:15:57 CDT 2008

Hi everyone,

  I found another Ross' Goose today in Rice County. This time, it was a
single bird on Sakatah Lake, which is in western Rice Co. There is open
water here where CR 99 crosses between Upper and Lower Sakatah Lake. I'm not
sure if this could be the same bird seen by me in Faribault on 3/26.


  I also found a large flock of Greater White-fronted Geese, probably
between 120 - 150 in Waseca County. These were in a wetland on the east side
of CR 10, NE of the town of Waseca. This wetland is totally open and it was
PACKED with a large variety of waterfowl. There was a single Blue-phase Snow
Goose present as well as a Wilson's Snipe.


  Six FOY's today=


Cooper's Hawk

Snow Goose

Wilson's Snipe

Belted Kingfisher &

Brown-headed Cowbird.


Good birding,


Dave Bartkey

Faribault, MN

screechowl at charter.net 



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