[mou] Marbled and Hudsonian Godwits in Itasca County

Earl Orf earlorf at uslink.net
Thu May 15 21:33:49 CDT 2008

This afternoon, about 2:00 PM, I found a Marbled Godwit and a Hudsonian
Godwit in a flooded field in Itasca County.  According to Bob Janssen's
county lists on the MOU web site neither of these birds has been reported in
Itasca County before.  There were also two Short-billed Dowitchers in this
same area.


This field is located on CR 10, between 4 and 5 miles south of Hwy 169 (they
intersect in the town of Bovey).  The field is just south of the Trout Lake
Community Center.  This year the field is heavily flooded and is proving to
be a good shorebird spot (shorebird spots are hard to find in Itasca


This evening Shawn Conrad and I went back there and this time there were
also 2 Semi-palmated Plovers, at least 4 Least Sandpipers, and one Solitary
Sandpiper.  As a bonus, we saw a flock of 9 White Pelicans fly over.



Earl Orf



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