[mou] Duluth and North Shore, 11/1/2008

Peder Svingen psvingen at d.umn.edu
Sat Nov 1 12:46:33 CDT 2008

This morning, I spotted an adult male Barrow's Goldeneye among a flock  
of Common Goldeneye and other divers in the Duluth harbor between 31st  
and 32nd Street. After about 45 minutes, it flew towards the  
Recreation Area and was refound by Mike Hendrickson near the bus  
turnaround at 43rd Street. We also saw a Western Grebe, redpolls, and  
White-winged Crossbills at the Recreation Area, and all three species  
of scoters in the harbor. An adult Red-throated Loon was on Lake  
Superior between 12th Street and 16th Street.

Kim Eckert and Jim Lind are with a group along the North Shore this  
weekend. They refound the Summer Tanager in Two Harbors at a new  
location (South Avenue and First Street). They also found a Red- 
throated Loon in Agate Bay near the ore docks.
Peder Svingen
Duluth, MN

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