[mou] Pacific Loon in Two Harbors

Kim R Eckert eckertkr at gmail.com
Sun Nov 2 18:24:04 CST 2008

The Minn Birding Weekends (MBW) group found a Pacific Loon around noon  
today, Nov 2, on the Burlington Bay side of Two Harbors in Lake Co. It  
was most easily viewed from the corner of South Ave and First St  
swimming next to a Com Loon with all field marks easily visible:  
smaller overall size, rounder crown profile, contrastingly pale gray  
nape and hindneck, black "chinstrap", and cleanly delineated straight  
line separating its white foreneck from gray hindneck. (I also learned  
today that the Red-throated Loon the MBW group found yesterday near  
the ore docks on the Agate Bay side of Two Harbors was relocated this  
morning by John Hockema and others.)

Besides the Summer Tanager & Red-throated Loon seen yesterday in Two  
Harbors (and posted on mou-net), there were a few other highlights of  
this weekend's MBW trip along the North Shore: Surf Scoter (Park  
Point), White-winged Scoter (Two Harbors, Five Mile Rock, Park Point),  
Black Scoter (Grand Marais), Long-tailed Duck (various locations  
between Grand Marais & Five Mile Rock), Golden Eagle (Scenic Hwy 61  
near Larsmont), Am Woodcock, Bonaparte's Gull, Snowy Owl (healthy- 
looking female on W side of Grand Marais harbor), Black-backed  
Woodpecker, Bohemian Waxwing (small group in Two Harbors), White- 
winged Crossbill (many locations), and Hoary Redpoll (obviously paler/ 
unstreaked bird among small flock of Commons in Two Harbors).

However, migrant passerines continued to be mostly conspicuous by  
their absence, as normally productive locations like Tofte, Lutsen Sea  
Villas, Grand Marais campground, etc. were again almost devoid of  
birdlife. On the other hand, the MBW group and other observers have  
noted a strong  movement of Bald Eagles and Rough-legged Hawks lately,  
including several found dead, injured, or apparently stressed from  
starvation. More Snowy Owls in the same condition continue to be  
reported as well.

Kim Eckert

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