[mou] EUWI in Hennepin Co. this morning

CRAIG MANDEL EgretCMan at msn.com
Mon Nov 3 16:10:43 CST 2008

November 3, 2008

Eurasian Wigeon - Still present at 2:15pm.

I spent about two and half hours searching for the Eurasian Wigeon at the 
previously reported location.  The bird was briefly observed a little before 
Noon.  Then a few minutes after 2:00pm the bird was relocated on the West 
end of the pond.  There were about 9 of us that were able to get nice looks. 
While it feed in with a mix of American Wigeon, Gadwall, Northern Pintails 
and a large flock of Green-winged Teal. The bird was still present on the 
South Western edge of the pond when I left at 2:15 pm.

Craig Mandel, Minnetonka, MN
EgretCMan at msn.com

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