[mou] Photos/Probable Long-billed Murrelet/Park Point

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Tue Nov 4 17:29:20 CST 2008

Photos can be found at:http://www.stoneridgepress.com/Murrelet.htmAlso on Recently Seen on MOU websitePeder Swingen found a probable Long-billed Murrelet this afternoon on the Lake Superior side of Park Point. I rushed down to the Point and found Lars and Pam Benson who had relocated the bird. Tony Hertzel joined the group and again refound the bird. The murrelet eventually came fairly close to shore when an adult Bald Eagle tried to nab it. He failed and the murrelet moved back north down the Point.If accepted this would be a first state record. Note the thin dark bill, the white scapulars, light throat, and black face with lack of white on the neck that would separate the Long-billed from an Ancient Murrelet.IfSparky Stensaas 2515 Garthus Road Wrenshall, MN 55797 218.341.3350 cell 
sparkystensaas at hotmail.com
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